What You Need to Know When Buying Maternity Wear

Buying the right clothing when you are expecting a baby and caring for a child afterwards requires a bit of pre planning. There are several things to consider, as your body changes during the nine months and even a bit after you give birth. Once you start feeding the new born there are new things to consider as well. So it is not as easy as browsing fashions and buying what you like.

When it comes to changes your body goes through, it is not only the belly that becomes big but there are many other areas of your body that would change. Based on expert knowledge, it is important to consider several factors before you buy clothing.

  • Expected weather and the seasons: buying clothing needs to factor in the season as well. You do not want to be prepared with summer clothing when you are expecting the baby in winter. Sometimes in excitement you might stock pile on clothing that may not work depending on the season you deliver. So think about how big you might become and factor in the temperature before you buy things that might not be very useful.


  • Fashion: go with what you are comfortable with. If you are not in too many dresses, then do not buy maternity dresses. You will find many women wearing tights or sportswear like yoga pants and such while pregnant. However if you are not comfortable with them, it is likely you will not wear them at all. If you have a style that you are happy with them buy feeding tops and other maternity wear in that style so that you will be very comfortable.


  • Versatility: if you plan to go for work after having the baby you need to factor in that you might have to wear the maternity clothing for some time as the baby weight may not go away soon. Therefore you need to work out when you plan to return to work and buy accordingly.

  • Undergarments: this is one of the trickiest areas and many women suffer after buying the incorrect undergarments or buying the wrong size. The basic rule is to look for support and comfort. So with these in mind make your selections. For an example in the early stages of your pregnancy buying non wired soft bras are the best. Do not buy too large or too small as your size will change dramatically in the coming months.

These are some of the most important factors apart from these consider shoes as well. High heels and boots are not very user-friendly these days. Flats or running shoes are the best.


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