What you need to know about Chinese weddings

Most Asian weddings are known to have a lot of culture and tradition involved. And especially when it comes to East Asia, there is a specific set of styles and practices that are followed. So if you have been invited to a Chinese friend’s wedding, here is what you need to know before going there.

The vows

Unlike the usual western weddings that take place, in china the wedding couple don’t really exchange vows on that day but it is a mere celebration of the marriage with a lot of delicious food and Chinese wedding stage decoration involved. This is because the exchange of such vows actually take place at a local government institution where the marriage is being registered.

The red envelope

Most Chinese wedding invites are presented in a red envelope that is similar to the one that is used when gifting money at these ceremonies, new year celebrations and such. although back in the days these were hand distributed a couple days before the ceremony, today these are simply mailed and sent. A unique feature of this envelope is that it has the Chinese character ‘shuangxi’ which means double happiness, printed on it.

The wedding pics

Although literally wedding pictures are pictures taken at the wedding, in China the wedding couples actually take their wedding pictures prior to the wedding. And the album which is then designed including such pictures are displayed at the wedding breakfast table. So it really doesn’t have any pictures of the actual wedding but posed pics at different tourist attraction spots.


The pre-traditions

You might have heard in many Asian wedding ceremonies, there is that whole practice of where the groom is got to sort of save the bride or take her away while her friends or guests block the groom from it. Well the same happens in China as well. the bride would be surrounded by her friends, and they would tease and ridicule the groom when he comes to take her to his place. He would have to somehow convince them or bribe them with money in envelopes to ‘rescue’ her from them. then the couple bow to her parents and she is take to the groom’s home.

In addition to the above color and decorations play a major role too. Among the colors of the rainbow in Chinese traditions the color red is given very much priority. So when you are selecting what to wear to the wedding, try to play it cool with red and gold! This way you would easily fit in with the crowd!

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