Tips to throw the best 21 party!

No matter how old you get you can never really not be ruled by your mom. Yet for the simple joy of life, you can satisfy yourself by at least moving past the partial adult stage of 18 and being recognized as a complete adult at 21, at least by the law. And so, that calls for a celebration!!! Here are some tips to help you plan this party to finally celebrate being recognized as an adult by law, at least if it isn’t by your mom!

Plan the invite

Since everything is done via social media these days, it doesn’t help to be extra creative with all the cards and stuff. So take the easy way out and create a Facebook invite to let all your friends know of the party you are hosting. You can make things interesting by designing a cover picture for the invite using a collection of interesting pictures you have collected throughout.

Start shopping

The next step for the perfect party involves you running from store to store in the mall collecting everything that you might need to host and decorate this party. Especially if you are setting up a singapore photo booth you might want to consider buying some props as well. Make sure to buy those inflatable balloons of the numbers 2 and 1, a sash that says birthday girl or you could also design your own and decorations like streamers and whatnot.

Create a playlist

No party is fun without music. And so, a 21st party needs the best playlist you could possibly create. Collect a couple cool songs or get others suggestions as well and design a playlist to be played non-stop at the party. Make sure to also make space for a dance floor to dance the night away!

Set out food drinks

A party with no food is no party at all. So do make sure that you set out food that not only goes with whatever theme you might have planned out but isn’t heavy as well. After all, you certainly don’t want to be the one cleaning all that vomit with food remains!

Party games

Just because you are turning 21 doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be games! So plan a couple interesting games that are far more advanced and intriguing that those you had at your fourth birthday. A game of truth or dare, a scavenger hunt across town are some unique ideas for you.

Make sure to have fun and make more memories as you bid good bye to those semi adult years and move on to the finally adult years that looks forward to job hunting, money and hours of endless stress!

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