Tips to make your clothes look a hundred times costlier than they actually might be

We all want to strut down the streets looking like the next model for Gucci or Chanel, yet not all of us can afford to do so, especially because of the really high cost you have to bear when it comes to wearing these brands. Nonetheless it doesn’t mean you can’t feel like it… Did you know you can actually turn your cheap clothes in to the next best runway wear? Well here is how you can do so!

Get ‘em tailored

You don’t have to buy the most expensive wear to feel beautiful and important, instead you can always tailor it to the exact way you want it to look. Sure these branded clothes might seem out of this world, but with the number of replicas coming out, it doesn’t hurt to play with a few. After all who can tell right! So go ahead to a thrift store or even Walmart and shop for clothes that you think would be ideal for you and then get them tailored to your exact size. This way you wouldn’t only be saving on the few thousands of dollars but you would also have an amazing dress to wear. Remember not everything that isn’t branded is useless! You just need to know where to look!

Switch those ugly buttons

Details play a huge role in making even the simplest outfits seem rather sophisticated and chic. And among the many details that are put in to an outfit, buttons take up a lot of attention. The shape and color of an ugly plastic button on a dress would automatically scream CHEAP, however if you were to replace these buttons with something more fancy, then no one would even know how inexpensive or costly your dress might have actually been. So the secret is in the details, make sure you work them the right way!

Go for the new look

You don’t always have to buy clothes to make it seem like you have an entire wardrobe filled with whatever you want. You can easily bring back those old clothes you haven’t worn in forever yet still have the new look in touch. If there are any pieces with stains on them make sure you take it to the cleaners to have it removed, if you cannot do it yourself. However, if you do notice a little stream popping out, a few threads pulled out and whatnot, fix it or just leave it. Don’t make too much of a fuss over it then others too would surely notice! So the trick is playing it cool!

Consider the above tips and turn your cheap clothes in to something that is straight out of the cool kind!


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