Tips for Making Your Partner Feel Special

Do you ever feel that you don’t give enough attention to your boyfriend/girlfriend? Do you feel that they need to be shown more love for sticking to you all the time? Then keep reading!

Start Appreciating Them More and Be Affectionate

We often forget to show love to the person who has been with us during both good and bad times. We often forget to value them and start fighting with them for no reason. This is very common among couples where one person keeps initiating the argument knowing that the other will make it up and never give up on them. This needs to be changed because if you don’t appreciate that person he/she will leave you at some point in life. This is why always make your loved one feel special and this can be done by doing few simple things. For example after an argument try to be the first one to make it up even when you are wrong. This is because it is important to value your relationship more than your ego. However, if you are the one who tries to patch up all the time when the other person doesn’t put any effort then you need to stop. This is because the other person is taking you for granted knowing you won’t leave him/her.

Initiate Things

If your partner is slow or a little backward then you will have to step up and take things forward. For example, if you know that both of you want to spend the rest of your life together but you haven’t said this to each other then you could be the first one to do so. Most of the time girls wait for the guy to initiate things that is they want him to propose, they want him to start getting intimate in the relationship. However, if your partner is a little shy then you could initiate things and this wouldn’t make you a less of a woman. If you feel that he would be a great life partner then plan a surprise where you could pop the question to him. It is okay to do a little extra so you could book a table at a fancy restaurant and hire proposal photographer NYC to capture the moment.

Never Stop Showing Love

A common mistake couples make is that they only show love during the beginning stage and then start taking things lightly. This is wrong because successful relationships require time, effort and lots of love. So you cannot stop showing affection just because you are dating that person or are married to him/her. You should always try to keep the spark alive by doing small things. For example, on your way back home from the office you could get a rose for her, or in the middle of a busy day just send him/her a cute text that would make them smile. Occasionally you should even bring gifts for each other and not only on special days such as birthdays.

In today’s day and age people wouldn’t hesitate to say “love you “to each other on social media but would think twice to say it in a person. This needs to be stopped so instead of wishing a happy birthday to our husband/wife on social media, say it in a person with a warm hug and that will keep the spark alive.

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