Time to up your wedding game

Weddings are happy times. A time and place that brings together not only two people but their friends and family who wishes for their love to stand the test of time and be a story that ends with “happily ever after”.

Our wedding is an important day and we want everything to go down without a hitch. That is why we go out of the way to make sure everything is perfect. Moths before, the bride painstakingly begins getting everything in place and tries very hard to get her better half to be engaged as well.it is said it is a time that really tests each other’s patience and compatibility, with lots of big decisions to be made it is true that sometimes all guards come down and you see the not so loving side of your partner that is usually in check.

One thing is for sure .Weddings are a lot more work than they used to be back when our parents and our grandparents tied the knot. Traditionally it is a small and intimate gathering with close friends and family but today there are a lot of additions and upgrades that have come in with the commercialization of the concept of ‘’wedding’ ’Today the wedding cake is a five tiered structure and the bridal party is a flock of girls dressed in their Sunday best.

There are many things that have taken the wedding scene to a whole another level and one of that would un-doubtfully be photo booth Singapore. It is definitely a part of the wedding all guests are looking forward too and isa great ice breaker when you meet all your friends and family you haven’t met for ages. There are many who frown upon the obsession of selfies among the younger generations but this is one time everybody is happy to pose for a funny picture with the works of the props and hand held signs.

The important thing is for all to have fun and for the day to end with good vibes. If it a photo booth that makes it happen. That’s well and good. General they are set up at the entrance of the reception so you will look your best as you huddle p for a snap with your closest. Many booths offer to hand in a copy to you while retaining a copy to be added to the album and there are occasions that the photos are fed into a live feed that can be view at the function itself.

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