The Earrings for the Hair

Many details go into planning a wedding. From the church, the reception up to the clothes that will be worn. With much of the attention directed to the bride, it is no wonder that even the minute details are important. Choosing the right accessories is included in the things that the bride must do.


Brides-to-be often grow their hair out in preparation for the wedding. Longer hair would mean more possible styles to complement the dress and the shape of your face. Whether you decide to keep your current hairstyle or grow it out, the right one should accentuate the best features of your face. It also means that the focus would be shifted from those features that you are not to fond off. Getting the right shape and style of earrings should do the same. So, what are the best bridal earrings to complement your wedding hairstyle?

You Can’t Go Wrong with Stud Earrings


The most common type of earrings to wear for wedding are studs. Whether you have short or long hair, and especially if you have a classic up-do, you cannot go wrong with a stud earring. It doesn’t mean that your earring should be boring. A diamond stud could catch enough light to add to your glow even when it’s small.


Be Bolder When You Let Down Your Hair


If you have long hair or a style with a lot of volume, and you’ve decided to wear your hair down, then long, dangling earrings would complement that well. You can even go for statement earrings. It would still be seen despite the volume of your hair. Choose a size and style that would complement your dress and still be seen in the pictures.

When the Hair is Up, The Face Shines


Most brides prefer to put their hair up for the wedding. If you would be wearing your hair this way, take the cue from the shape of your face in choosing the style of bridal earrings. For example, a heart-shaped face would be best wearing an earring with a heavier or wider bottom. If you have an angular face, choose an earring with a rounded design. Round faces would look elongated with long, dangling earrings.


Whether you choose a classic stud or a chandelier for your bridal earrings, remember that your accessories should go well together, not fight for attention. The right pair of earrings should flatter your face, go well with your hairstyle and complement your wedding dress. You have to remember that though you may wore them only once, you wedding pictures would stay with you throughout your marriage.


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