Rules to sending out your next bouquet

Does the bouquet of flowers I send out to my girl have to be red?

The term ‘’my girl’’ has a broad meaning. If you are referring to a lady that you have already established a romantic relationship with, then said I would say go for it? But if you are referring to a love interest that you are yet to establish your feeling towards her I would say play it by the rule and stick to good old red.

In the business of giving out flowers each colour represents a specific notion. Red as we all knows runs along the lines of I love and can even be extended to refer to the sexual aspect of the relationship too. Pink stands for romance and is ideal to put it out there that you feel your affiliation is headed in that direction and if you get a thumbs up from the recipient’s end, well good for you. Congratulations!

Purple stands for success and royalty and you can be cheeky and send a flower arrangement in purple to remind her that she has indeed being very successful in her quest to bagging the ideal man. On a more serious note you can send them out during an academic or professional achievement of hers. Purple is associated with success even in platonic relationships so this is something you can utilize to send best wishes to any of your loved ones.

Similarly many other colours stand for a certain emotion. White stands for purity and yellow stands for happiness.

Will there be a separate charge for delivery that will be added on at check out?

Technically most florists provide free delivery, attest above a certain threshold. Then again this is something you need to discuss with your florists.

Flower Singapore free delivery is preferred by most clients because the arrangement will reach the recipient with the relevant care and best practices that need to be followed during that time. While the idea of self-delivering the bouquet might sound like a grand romantic gesture, I guarantee you the logistics aren’t always in our favour.

Is a personal note a ‘’must’’?

In my humble opinion I feel that the gesture would be unfulfilled if you do not make the effort to pen a few words along with the flowers. Itdoes not have to be a formal declaration of your intentions or even a proclamation of your love. It can be a simple one liner or an inside joke. Something that will tell her that great thought went into creating this token of love for her.



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