Planning your marriage ceremony: tips and ideas

Is your marriage just around the corner? When it comes to your big day, you want everything to be perfect. You want things to go as planned. But most often, it will not be true! There will be instances where things go wrong, where you may have to make final last minute changes! Well, that’s all that makes up a marriage ceremony.

Budget it!

You need to first draw up a budget to suit your available finances. You will need to write down each and every task that you need to complete first. Once you have written down the tasks you will need to find out the cost of supply for each and every task. Do keep in mind that it is best to inquire from at least two or more suppliers to be able to compare prices. There are now suppliers who now offer complete marriage ceremony packages that you can enjoy huge discounts as well!


Next, you will need to decide on the theme for your marriage ceremony. From everything, the clothing to the invitation to the reception décor, everything needs to be according to the theme. Always make sure that the theme that you choose is one that is compatible in all aspects. For instance it should be design that you can use on the invitation cards and the flower décor at the alter. And it should also be incorporated in to the clothing of the couple and the page boys and flower girls as well! And of there are bridesmaids then they will also be included on to that list!



Your guest list will be your biggest worry. Because, you will be unable to invite all the people that you would actually have wanted to invite. You will have to cut down on a lot of people even if you had a huge budget. Do make sure that the invitation cards are in line with the theme as well. You will need to write down the guest list that wish to invite and you can ask your guests to inform you of regrets which will enable you invite people from the uninvited list! If your having your occasion at one of the   weddingvenues in powai  then you may have ample space for a large crowd as well!



Finally, the reception itself will depend on how well organized you décor and all other things put together is. Make sure that you take the timings seriously and check up on the decors as often as possible to ensure that the reception goes according to plan.

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