Planning a practical wedding celebration

Getting married can be quite expensive especially if you and your better half are planning to have a big celebration with all of your family members. But if you are on a tight budget you need to think things through first and find ways on how to plan for a practical and affordable weeding. Below are some important tips on how to get started.

Choose a practical venue for both the wedding and the after party

Most weddings require a separate venue for the ceremony and the reception but if you want to save money then you may consider doing it on one venue only. Aside from the savings, this idea is also more practical for the guests because they do not have to worry about transferring from one venue to another.

Decide on what to give your guests as souvenirs

Start looking for souvenirs a few months before the wedding because you need to give your suppliers enough time to complete your order. Or if you want a hassle free but memorable memorabilia then you can probably get the services of Singaporephotobooth for unlimited photos that everyone will surely appreciate.

Rent or borrow your wedding clothes

Some couples may not like this idea especially the bride to be. But if you come to think about it it is a very practical idea to just rent or borrow since you will only be using it once. You can ask help from friends, relatives or check out some local dress shops and see if there is anything that you can borrow just for the occasion.

Put a limit on your guest list

You can save a lot of money and unnecessary expenses by setting a limit on the actual number of guests that you can invite on your special day. You and your partner need to sit together and figure out the names of the people that you can add to your guest list.

Serve home cooked meals

It might be quite challenging to cook all the food from scratch but home cooked meals are still way more affordable than paying for a catering service. You will need to ask help from your family and close relatives to help you prepare for the event. Do not hesitate to ask for people who would like to help with the grocery shopping, preparation of ingredients, cooking and setting up the reception hall. This particular task maybe quite overwhelming for those who volunteered so you need to give them your full support. Also, do not forget to thank them after the wedding by treating them out as a way of saying thank you for their hard work and effort.


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