Perfecting The Art Of Effective Photo Booth

There are rules to follow to make sure that the photo booth that you have can reach its full potential. This is true whether you are setting up your own or hiring a company to do it for you. The tips below will help make your booth become the heart of the party. Also, this will help make you capture the best photos of the event.



To ensure that the booth can be maximized, you must choose the right location. Sometimes, you will be tempted to put the booth in another room. However, hiding it outside will make it useless for the event. As such, choose a spot which is close to the where the guests will pass. If you choose to have it set up on another room, make sure that the service provider will provide a signage that will lead the way. One good spot is the venue bar. The guests will love to bond near this area. They can check the booth to have a quick photo with friends.



Most of the companies like the photobooth rental Malaysia offer three-hour booth duration. To maximize the services, talk with the service providers of the start time. For example, during weddings, the start time usually happens after the speeches or the first dance. If you have a DJ or live band during the event, you can start the booth as the music plays. With this, the guests can be in the mood to dance and have a picture. For evening events, the start time can be from 6:30-8:30 pm. If it’s later than that, the guests might look tired or drunk in the picture.



The millennials love to take pictures. If you set up a photo booth, they will definitely make use of it. In university balls, you will be amazed by how many photos the students can fit into three-hour time period. The queue is long for the entire time. With the presence of the millennials during events, they can break the ice and be the first batch of photo booth users. As soon as the guests see that the booth is fun, they will get out of their seat and try it themselves.


Sun Light


As the sun sets, the amount of natural light that enters the room changes. To maintain high image quality for the entire period, you can make adjustments on the camera settings. For DIY booths, limit the sun’s effect by turning the backdrop. With this, it will not be in direct contact with the sun’s rays. Try closing the curtains to reduce the overexposure of the images.




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