Party tips planning 101

Celebrate good times, we must! Should you decide to throw one awesome party of a lifetime, then we laid out several party tips you must definitely consider to make your event a successful and memorable one. We know your hands will be full later on, so let’s get started now.

Know the goal

Of course, before throwing any party, you should always consider the intention so that people would really know why they should come. Whether it’s a surprise party for a friend, or a celebratory party for a college graduate, the priority should always be the goal of the gathering, before you start on anything else. This is probably the most basic.

Account for the invites

Know how many people you intend to cater to. Having an approximate will help you in making decisions for other aspects of the party, such as the amount of food and drinks you must prepare, the tables if there is a need to, and the area to where the party will take place. And of course, which kinds of guests do you invite? If it is a surprise party, you got to limit the invite to intimate friends so that not much will be blabbering about the secret plans for the party.

The menu

This is among the most exciting part of party preparation, the food (and also, drinks). Plan out the menu for the party which will depend on the invites and the intentions. If you can, this must be planned ahead of time, like several weeks before in order to accomplish the budget and the purchase of items and ingredients needed. If you decide on a caterer, be sure to have a taste test first. And not many may have thought of this, but consider the type of food not allowed for some of the invites due to allergies or beliefs. Make some alternative recipe for them, so they still get to join the fun.

Make it extraordinary

You can increase the level of fun by throwing some unexpected elements to your party. Some would recommend a DJ, or a specific weird theme (like a children’s party for the birthday of a grown-up). How about flashing some throwback pictures to showcase for the guests? But you must prepare this in advance. Very early on, and we mean at least three weeks before the event, book a DJ, contact a clown, or find a reputable audio-visual equipment rental orprojector screen rental singapore as soon as possible.


Not only should they go home with a smile, why not also give them some takeout to bring home? Try having a photo booth, which is a certain shot they’d like. You may even couple the pictures with a nice frame.

You can only party hard if you have a well-prepared party. Keep in mind these basics of party planning and you’re sure to rock and roll. Don’t forget to be extraordinary as much as you can.

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