Mistakes you should avoid when wedding planning

As fun as it is to get married and anticipate a life together with someone you love, planning for it is far different from it. Especially when you think of all the work you’ve got to do to make this day memorable and special not only for yourself but also for your guests as well. And so, this need to make it extra special may lead to a lot of mistakes that could ruin the whole thing. So here are some you need to be aware of and stay clear of.

Spending all on the dress

While what you wear matters a lot in a wedding especially as the bride, you need to make sure that it isn’t your primary focus. After all you can’t walk down the aisle with only a dress and have no decorations and whatnot! So budget things out beforehand and set aside money for the dress, the decoration and may be even a malay wedding package, if you are having it in that style.

Being hell bent on one flower

Flowers are all beautiful in their own way and there is no problem in wanting to get your entire wedding decorated with your favorite kinds. However don’t be hell bent on going only for that. Sometimes the flowers you love might not be in season and trying to get them from wherever is going to be a hassle that is going to cost a lot. So be willing to be flexible and adjust to things. After all, you might even find flowers that would suit much better for the occasion than any other!

Sending invites too soon

As excited as you might be to celebrate your big day with everyone that you love, it would be silly to send out the invites months before. During this time, you never know what could change with regards to the guest list and whatnot. So don’t ever send out invites before time unless if it is for people that you are sure of, for an example your close family and best friend.

Not hiring a videographer

While photos are able to capture the moment, they aren’t able to tell everything. There might be instances that you missed or would love to revisit yet can’t. And this is when a videographer comes in handy. So hire a professional to document the entire ceremony and look back and relive that day every single time of your anniversary year!

Live in the moment and remember that for something to be beautiful it doesn’t have to be perfect. So don’t stress too much over making sure everything is perfect, instead just go with the flow!


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