Mistakes to avoid when buying and installing air conditioners

When the heat waves hit really bad during the summer, an air conditioner is like a breath of fresh air in a dusty and sandy desert (bit exaggerating? I think not). And so, keeping this in mind many people make sure that when they build their homes, they have already been installed with these. However sometimes when you are buying and installing these for the first time, there is the tendency of making regrettable mistakes. Therefore, knowing about them beforehand would help you avoid them at least to a certain extent. So here are some such mistakes you should know about.

Purchasing the wrong size

When you have limited space in a room and the walls for installing these, it only makes sense that you purchase an air conditioner that is of a smaller size to make it fit using the help of airconditioning services. However, if you aren’t aware of such conditions of the place you intend on installing these or you are unsure of the measurements of the space, then there is the chance that you would purchase one that is bigger than what is required. So always make sure that you have at least a rough idea of measurements to pick the right one to be installed!

Choosing the wrong spot

When you are installing an A/C always make sure that you choose the right spot to fit in these. Somewhere where it isn’t directly exposed to heat or direct sunlight. Ideally the place should be somewhat shady and spacious. This way the machine isn’t overworked beyond its limits.

Hiding it

While part of the A/C is installed inside to generate the required humidity, the other part is fixed outside to circulate the air and function appropriately. Sure it isn’t a pretty sight, however if you were to hide it behind a bush or shrub or some other shabby place there is a high chance that things like twigs, dust or any other particles could enter the system and clog up the whole thing leaving you with a thousand dollar bill or more! So think smart and choose the right place for this.

Not maintaining it

When you have machines installed, it is only natural that you maintain it. if you don’t maintain it, there is a high chance that it would breakdown even before it is meant to. So make sure that you schedule the right people to take a look at your machine at least twice a year so that it lasts longer than it is meant to.

So consider the above mistakes and make sure to avoid them with your machine and system!



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