Misc. tips to choosing the right photographer for your wedding pictures

Money plays a big role in weddings. More than they should maybe. But that is how the world is and I don’t see that changing in the near future. Everybody wants to have their wedding a certain way. Sometimes they have a specific venue in mind and sometimes they want a specific theme or a colour pallet that is their most favourite.

The more demanding we became in our requirements on our special day so does the ask of the service providers who will render their services to us. This applies to the wedding photography package we choose to carry out at our wedding as well. At present wedding photography is not limited to covering the ceremony and the function with a session of taking pictures of the couple prior to all.no, today this has extended to an exercise that includes a wedding pre shoot that is a casual and laid back session featuring the couple in many attires and location along with the bridal party.

There is also the possibility of streaming the actual day online so that your friends and family who were unable to make it to be a part of your big day can join in with the celebrations. Some couples even opt for a photo shoot on their first year anniversary, again with the bridal party to kind of have the ‘’before’’ and ‘’after’’ effect to the line of photography. Today we see couples go that extra mile to ensure their photos are picture perfect or simply make just about anybody go’ ’wow’’. Photo sessions are conducted in extreme conditions such as against crashing waves, mountain cliffs, atop old buildings or any other out of the box situation that the photographer might come up with.

While all this maybe fun and exciting to talk about, one must realize that there is a certain risk that you will be signing up for as your prepare for photo shoot.it is imperative that you book a seasoned wedding photographer with past assignments similar to yours. This way he will not only know to capture the candid moments during the shoot but he will also know what to expect and what you need to prepare yourself for in terms of the conditions you are taking your pictures in.

Years from now, your wedding pictures are the only concrete thing you will have to relate to your special day, besides your love for each other. So yes it is more than important for you to want to make them look special as possible but keep in mind to choose a setting that both you and your partner are comfortable in. we don’t want you looking tight lipped in your pictures, now do we?



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