Ideas on How to work professionally as a Nanny

Care giving is a challenging and an interesting profession. Many individuals opt to enter this career some times as part time workers and in some cases they want to dedicate all their efforts to serving others and this can be a great place to start. So how would you find really worth care giving jobs and thrive in such a career? Let’s look at tips from some of the experts in the market.

This is a challenging profession, one which requires you to show great empathy and responsibility. A nanny after all will be entrusted with taking care of children not their own. And the parents rely on the selected candidate to be able to love and take care of their kids as if they were their own. So when looking for work in this industry, it is a good thing to understand what parents are actually looking for when they hire outside help.

  • Respect: often times nannies have to stay with the kids when the parents are away and sometimes they have to look after the kids even when the parents are at home (work from home individuals). In both cases the hired person has to show resolve in taking control of the situation at home without overstepping boundaries set by the parents. So, one must be confident to do the job that is required but at the same time be respectful of their employer and their needs and wants.


  • Not only one child: looking after one child is always a challenge, but most often parents who seek outside help is looking for someone that can manage several children. So if you are looking for babysitting jobs singapore you need to make sure you are able to handle this.

  • Perfumes and hygiene: although not often discussed, this can be a very important aspect when it comes to selecting a caregiver especially since kids are in the picture. Many parents expect the hired individual to practice good personal hygiene practices and this would be assessed at an interview. Other scents like the type of perfume you use and the cigarette smells can also be a deciding factor. This is because some parents feel that they do not like to deal with the perfumes of an outsider in their homes. It might be a bit extreme but it is something to consider.


  • Learn about the family: when going for a potential interview do not discuss too much about other families you have worked with and harp on and on about how wonderful they were. You can give some examples but try to focus on the current family and show interest in getting to know them and the kids most importantly.

Hopefully these ideas will help you be more prepared when looking for work in this field.



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