How to get a solid man to like you – a guide from a man

In 2019, getting a man to like you isn’t hard. But the truest challenge is getting the man of your interest to like you. There is no doubt that you’ve always felt like you deserve so much when in reality, you’re a little behind. Despite what your girlfriends are saying, the things that men actually want are quite different. Understanding this is vital. Hence, if you’re going to be advised from someone, it should be from a man.

This is your guide to get that dude to come behind you!

  • Do not double text ever

Keeping the upper hand is something that both the parties are thriving for throughout the time when all the talks are going on. Although you might be heads over heel for the guy, he doesn’t have to know that. This doesn’t mean that you should be ignorant about him but the moment you double text, the ball will be concreted in your court. That’s why you need to be careful on what you reply with, where the conversation is going. Because if you doing it right, he will send a paragraph for that one emoji you send.

  • Be careful on your social media behavior

Another factor that decides and constructs an image in a guy’s head is on how you behave on social media. Are you all messy and swearing all over the place or presenting yourself as a train wreck all the time? Sure, the humor is good but what if I told that we as men prefer women with least trouble? Hence, be sure to think twice on what you share if you want your crush to crush on you even harder.

  • Know the difference between slutty and sexy

Let’s get real – love and sex are more or less like the two sides of the same coin; one can’t exist without the other. In the reality, men will always tend to focus on women whom they find attractive. But under stinging one little fact is essential. What men find irresistible is never something entirely lustful and slutty – who would proudly date someone like that? But if you can rock a short dress or something that shows skin in the right way, your targeted dude is going to lose it. That’s why you need to mind your style always.

  • Know what to compliment on

The guy could be complimenting each and every toenail of yours. Although you might be having butterflies in your stomach, suck it up and compliment on something the guy is passionate about or something he is concerned about. Do it once and with the reaction you get, you would love how the tables are turning.



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