How to Arrange a Memorable Wedding Reception?

A wedding is the most important occasion that a couple madly in love would come across in their journey together. The legal binding of love. So, celebrating it in the highest manner possible is essential to be happy at the end of the day. How do you do that exactly?

Select the Best Place for Your Wedding

Selecting an elegant reception hall for your wedding is essential for a lasting impression and a resplendent wedding album. Venues such as Merrimu receptions will be a perfect fit as you can elaborate on your vision without the need for words. Your guests will be able to perceive what you wanted them to see, exactly as your mind maps it out. You can celebrate and be joyous, gliding across the dance floor with no worries or concerns.

The Date of Your Wedding

Always consider the distance between the venue and the majority of your guests, the length of the ceremony and people’s everyday lives before selecting a date. As people nowadays tend to be very busy with their jobs, allowing little time to indulge in their pastime activities. In order for your guests to make time for the wedding, it should be able to fit within their schedule allowing them enough time to slowly have fun without being in a hurry. But also keep in mind that they would want to finish things up, tie up loose ends before they allocate their time. Therefore, check for a public holiday, or maybe a Saturday or Sunday unless your venue provides you with the perfect days according to their venue availability.

The Food at Your Wedding

Consider gourmet meals that do not lack an option for vegetarians, vegans and pescatarians that might be on your guest list. Also, look out for allergies, especially in children.

Speaking About Children

Make sure when children are in your guest list, there’s a backup nanny- a family member maybe, to look after them if they are running around, as they might bump into the waiters or cause any other problem. Also, maybe try taking the children in your wedding for cute flower boys and flower girls, the cuteness and beauty of the wedding will skyrocket.

Cutlery, Tableware And Glassware

Pure white elegant plates would really bring out the purity of your wedding. Maybe wide white plates with an elegant floral design on it? As for cutlery, it isn’t hard to find amazing silver or gold cutlery in the market for an affordable price.

Glassware is a tough topic but if you know the types of drinks you will be serving, you’ll do fine. Check out the appropriate type of cup for each type of booze- or a wide, round and short glass for cool drinks and never forget to have tall water glasses. You could also choose to get into the new trend of mason jars when you’re serving your cool drinks, smoothies, water or anything else-not booze though.

Remember that these are only tips, your wedding is your fairy tale; make it come to life just the way you want it to.

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