Easy fashion tips any fashionista should know

Fashion is indeed an art and just like anything else this too might have pros that do it better than another. However, it is also something that could be picked up in time with the right amount of work. So if you aren’t the best dresser then here are some tips to help yourself out.

You can never go wrong with blazers

Blazers are one of the most essentials in any woman’s wardrobe. It is the perfect piece that makes even the most casual clothes seem polish and chic. So whenever you go shopping on the weekends do make sure that you stock up your collection of blazers. This way you can always tone up or tone down the casual look of your clothes for whatever event you might be going for.


Balance is everything when it comes to fashion and this doesn’t only mean color wise. While you do have to pay attention to the kind of colors you are combining to create an outfit, it is also essential that you take the design in to account as well. So for an example if the top you are wearing is long and flared, then you might want to make sure that your pants are more fitted and if it is the other way around then you top has to be the one that is fitting. So think smart and balance the look!

Work on the layers

Layering is a great way to make sure that all your clothes are ideal for every season! The trick is to make sure that you pair them right. This method also works great on reducing the cost you have to bear on buying clothes for every season too. So if you have a summer dress that you adore yet cannot wear it for the cold weather, pair with a cardigan, stockings, some boots and a belt to stay extra warm and cozy while still rocking that simple dress!

Work those belts

Belts are actually a necessary accessory that you have got to own. They make even the ugliest and most shapeless dresses seem like the next best outfit for a runway. So when you go shopping for clothes make sure that you also stock up on your collection of belts. This way you can accessorize smart too!

Accessorizing is everything

If you want to make a dull dress seem interesting or give a little glamor to a simple dress, the best thing to do would be to accessorize it smartly. Pair it with an interesting necklace, some cool bracelets or even a belt and turn one simple outfit in to something that is out of this world! The trick is to make sure that you match them right to gain the right kind of attention. Do pay notice to balancing as well!

Use the above tips and give your outfits a glamor and sparkle that they very much deserve!

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