Declutter your home to welcome the New Year

A fresh year, a fresh start. New Year or the first of January is quite exciting to everyone around the globe. It is time to throw away the old stuff and bring in the new stuff. This men’s, throwing away the old junk in your home and its surrounding. Make room for the new items you are going to buy in the coming year. Don’t pile up everything. You need to organize, clean everything and clear the space.

Living room

Living room is the place that a person notices more due to the conversations or the “hangouts” in this spot. Keeping it organized, clean and pack-free is very important. Start off by removing the unnecessary items. People tend to overdo the coffee table deco. Having a simple centre piece or just one or two coffee table books is more than enough. If you have racks or shelves, keep them simple without piling everything up.


Kitchen is a place that can be messy very quickly with piled up dishes, extra food and you might even find yourself with old boxes and cans that you don’t use and won’t use ever. It’s time to get rid of all that. Make sure you only store the necessary items. Even when it comes to food. We tend to pile our fridges with so many unwanted items. This is a huge no-no. Make sure you clean this area at least once in two weeks. Also, if you have a mini bar clear it up. There might be some old liquor that you haven’t use and won’t use. Sell alcohol Singapore. There are plenty of places who buy old liquor as such. You will be earning some extra cash while giving away the liquor to someone who will make use of it.


Piling up clothes in that one chair, untidy closets, dirty laundry all over the place, used towels piled in a corner, these are not the things you want to come home for. That is why it is very important to keep your room as simple as possible. When you pile up items you barely use, your room will get messy very easily. Go through the closets, shelves, drawers and get rid of the old junk. Keep it simple as possible.Keeping your area clean, simple and organized can give you the stress free life you urge for. Remember to declutter every once in a while to avoid it from getting messy.

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