Bride-To-Be Wedding Dilemmas: Solved

Planning a wedding can, at times, be stressful. There is a lot to take into account for it to become the perfect wedding day you’ve always dreamed of. So, to help you out and to keep that beautiful fresh bridal glow, we’ve made a list of the common wedding dilemmas every bride faces and how to solve them.

The Who’s

The Who’s refer to everyone involved in your wedding. These people can usually be categorized into three – the planning committee, the entourage, and the guests. The planning committee includes the wedding planner you’ve chosen and everyone else hired to take charge of the preparations. They are one of the key components in making your wedding a success so, you better hire people who have had relevant experience when it comes to planning weddings and those who know exactly what you want. Now, when it comes to the entourage and the guests, there is one very important thing you should consider, and that is your vision. How do you see your wedding going? Do you want it to be intimate or to be a big gathering of friends and family?

The what’s

What’s pertaining to every single thing that’s going to be part of the wedding. That includes the menu, the cake, the decorations, the props, and the dress. The first four are mostly going to be handled by the organizers. The last thing, one of the most important decisions in a bride’s life, is entirely (and literally) on you. Everybody is going to look at it, especially when you walk down the aisle. So, you need to choose one that does not only look beautiful but also makes you feel that way on the inside. There are countless shops and boutiques containing a showroom of elegant wedding dresses. You can find a few in your own locality. But if you want to go all out and are willing to spend on a top-of-the-line dress, then there are tons of options for you across the globe. A bridal gown Melbourne, for example, may be just what you need.

The When and Where

Usually, couples choose their wedding dates during their anniversaries or on dates where most of the guests will be able to attend. The same goes for the location. It may be a special place for the couple or it simply is the perfect place that reflects the chosen wedding theme. Now, the important thing to consider about the When and Where is that they are in sync and should be decided based on the condition the other is in. You may want a beach wedding but the date is during a period of rain or snow. You may want it to be on the 25th but the chosen venue is not available at that time. So, when choosing, always have these two as twin choices.

How Much

With every little thing a bride-to-be considers to make her wedding day perfect, it still all comes down to the budget. Most of the times, beautiful weddings don’t come cheap. So, you should think about how much you can and are willing to spend. Also, there is nothing wrong with a very grand and expensive wedding. As long as it makes you happy, it’s all good. Just make sure that you are not unconsciously spending your entire life savings for a one day event.

The Why’s

All in all, the one thing you don’t want to be doing on the day of your wedding is thinking of the Why’s –“Why didn’t I do this?”“Why didn’t I do that?” “Why is this happening?”So, apart from the major items listed prior, every single detail, no matter how small, should be given great consideration. Regret is a bitter thing. One of the most special days of your life should be filled with sweet moments and candy-coloured memories.

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