Best Flowers for Every Occasion

We see flowers anywhere every day. It is used to beautify gardens and surroundings. Flowers are also used as a thoughtful and lovely gift. Different flowers are used and combined to make a beautiful flower arrangement. And flowers as gifts are best for any occasion. Just make sure that the arrangement you’ll be sending is fit and suitable for the theme, the occasion and of course, to the person receiving the lovely present. Here are some of the special events and the flowers that complement that special day.

Father’s Day

Most of the time, guys are the one who’s giving flowers. Now that it’s Father’s day, our best daddies deserve a bouquet of flowers too. These simple bouquets of tropical flowers or a bunch of roses will be enough to make him feel loved and appreciated. Make him feel special and remembered on this day.

Mother’s Day

Let’s thank our wonderful moms for raising us well. Give her flowers that speak of gratitude like tulips, orchids, lilies, callas, irises, gerberas, or the traditional roses. Make sure that the flowers you’ll be sending are fresh. You can find fresh and beautiful flowers in kedai bunga segar. These simple bouquets or flower arrangements will make them feel loved and expresses our deepest gratitude for her love, support, and guidance. Our best moms deserve the best for their special day.


Weddings occur at different times of the year so you need to choose the best flower that is available for the season. When deciding for the best flower to use on your special day, consider the color of the flowers for the theme, the ambiance of the venue and the fragrance of the flower for it adds up for the whole feels of the event. Don’t forget to choose fresh flowers because they’re pleasing to the eye and it last longer.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Just like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries happen at the different time of the year. The best flowers for these kinds of events are seasonal flowers. Choose the bouquet that speaks of love and appreciation. Surprise them with the best flower arrangement or bouquet that is available for the season.

Christmas and Valentines

During Christmas, popular flowers and plants like mistletoe, Christmas rose and cactus, holly, ivy and of course poinsettia is used as decors and gifts. So there’s no harm in sticking to this flower arrangements during these season of giving. During Valentines, roses are the most popular and in demand flowers. Roses have a variety of colors so you can choose whether it’s white, yellow or the traditional red roses. Nevertheless, all of it speaks love and admiration so any of it will be perfect for the occasion.

On every occasion, always remember to think of the recipient’s personality, likes, and personal favorites. It will be beneficial in choosing the best arrangement. And make sure that the flowers are all fresh for it to last longer.

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