Beginner’s guide to choose the best flowers

Taking flowers with you a token of appreciation or expression of sorrow is one of the most classic and classy ways of doing it. But a lot of people do not get to execute the process in the best way just because they’re not choosing the right flowers. While it still is the effort that matters, you can complete the picture by selecting the most suitable floral options. How are you going to do it?

Here is a 4 factors guide on how to choose flowers!

  • The colors and type

There may have been a time in your life when you though roses were red and red only. But now you know that it really isn’t. Along with that fact, there are so many other types of flowers that you may not even have heard of. For an example, if you were to buy wildflowers online you would see that there is a huge variety. But while we are still on the subject, here are some popular wild flowers and their respective colors that are quite popular across the world.

  1. Oxeye daisy – White
  2. Foxgloves – Pink, Purple, White
  3. Yellow Rattle – Yellow
  4. Wood anemone – White
  5. Yarrow – White
  6. Common Poppy – Red
  7. Viper’s bugloss – Bluish purple
  8. Ragged Robin – Pink

In the end of the day, you must consider the type and the color along with to ensure that your choice is comprehensive.

  • The exact reason why you’re purchasing them

Different flowers carry their unique meanings in the tradition. Moreover, the same flower carries multiple meanings depending on the number of individual flowers that you’re using. For an example, the single rose symbolizes undying beauty. 12 roses conveys the message of ‘I love you’ while 15 roses basically says ‘I am sorry’. Hence, you need to understand that it isn’t ‘flowers for your girlfriend’, but it should be ‘flowers for my girlfriend and I want to say to her’. As long as you have chosen the right florist, you only will have to state the need and the mood and you will be recommended of a short list to choose from.

  • The choice of the florist

Professional opinion matters the most here since after all, it is what they do for a living and expertise in the area. On the other hand, these professionals are very skilled on making you achieve your goals despite how tight your budget is. If you’re planning on a rather bigger event like a wedding or even a funeral, interacting with a reliable florist is extremely essential. Hence, remind yourself that a good florist means good flowers.

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