Before you step in to an expensive mistake

In life you make expensive mistakes that cannot be undone, but you wish you could. Not kidding, but hiring a wrong person for an important job is one such, and it is worse if it has cost your mental commitment as well as the financials. Hiring a wrong videographer for one of your most important events is one such big blunder. You know, every videographer is expensive, and as this is a skill and commitment, charging a bigger fee can be justifiable. But, not for a bad job.

No matter how hard you Google searched best videographer in singapore, and how closely you worked with the selected service provider and how clear you communicated your intentions to that person or the team, if what you get as the video coverage in a CD at the end is not what you expected and communicated, the end result is an utter disappointment. You can’t have the event again, and you have invested on the videography as well, thus the blunder is done, and dusted too. You have no choice and you have no help.

This is why we present you the features or the characteristics to look in to if you are seeking for a good videographer out there. Here are some for your information.

Being honest and genuine is key

So once you find three or four recommended videographers on the internet, you get the contact numbers and then you speak to them. Most probably you meet them, and have a discussion, and this is where all your plans get communicated to the video person and he adds his points and then the negotiations happen.

Technical skills are important for a videographer a big time, but so as the soft skills. Via the way they present their selves, the ideas that they carry, you can judge whether he is a genuine guy to go ahead with. Yes, your instincts can help you here.

Get a creative eye

Some videographers out there can have all the high tech cameras, lenses and all other equipment with them, but not a creative eye. Once you meet, you get to see his pieces of work, and again, be a judge at that point. Do these type of work match with what I initially wanted to have at my event video graphed? Do our interests match? – Likewise always have these questions in mind. Otherwise, when all you need is a simple vintage video shoot of your event, you will end up receiving a fully fancy video coverage of the event, which was least expected by you.

Things can happen as such, so you better be careful.



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