Banging a Budget Friendly Wedding Backdrop

Weddings are all fun and games, until you’re scrolling through the bill that’s spiraling out the door and your credit card, well let’s not talk about the tragedy of it. When it comes to a wedding, there’s so many things to stress about, from bridal gowns to table decorations, food and photo-shoots. And whilst you want to make your big day the best day in your life, things can get a bit tacky, when the budget inevitably contradicts with the list you’ve ecstatically kept adding things onto. If you’re already way too stressed about how you can cut down on a few of the expenses, and since the trend’s still in and you’re still perplexed if you want to have a backdrop, here’s a few ideas to bang it in a budget friendly way.

Use an arbor.

If you’re confused where to start and you’re running out of time, then go ahead and use an arbor to pull off a simple yet sophisticated and romantic look. If you’re in to pretty laces and vintage patterns, you’re going to absolutely love this idea. The best part about using an arbor is that you’ll not have to worry about having a little bit of space as these work with both large and small spaces. Drape the two corners of it with a simple silk pale white curtain, throw in a bit of peach blooms, ribbons and organza, and you’ll be having a dainty backdrop that won’t fortunately steal a lot from your wallet.

Go Floral.

Now who doesn’t like idea of fresh blooms in various colors, bundled up together, creating a stunning sight to the sore eye. Whilst there is no doubt the price tag can show a daunting figure, you can still get them backyard flowers and use the ones that’s available for the season or a drop by at wholesaler with whom you’ll have higher chances of getting reduced prices. Flowers never go out of trend, whether they’re piercing red roses or beautiful blue lilies, so choose wise, and I’m sure you’ll be able to glam up an elegant backdrop for your photo booth and make sure your gests can caption their instagram pictures with the hashtag best photo booth Singapore. Plus when it comes to a wedding, floral walls are definitely a mandatory thing you’d not want to miss out on.

Have Fun with Fabrics.

This again is yet another way to be cost effective with your wedding props. The good thing about fabrics are that they can be reused, and would be piling up in the washing rather than in the bins. This way you don’t waste money, and you’re serving the Mother Nature too. You cancustomizeit the way you want, if you want to go all unique and flashy, then striking colorsand sophisticated patterns will look great, but if you prefer to pull off a traditional look, you could go ahead with lace and satin. Adding fairy or string lights, will give the ultimate sparkle and glow for it.

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